Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Portable House Caravan

The small, portable House-To-Go is a fully equipped house-on-wheels designed to travel on any road, anywhere. I like the idea of taking your small house with you wherever you go. Julie Martin, from The Martin House Company, also loves the idea; after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina she decided to use her expertise in restoring beautiful historic homes and start creating affordable and portable housing.

If you already read our previous Small House Living series then you already know how passionate we feel about the advantages of living in a small house. That’s why when we found out about the portable House-To-Go we just had to write about it.
With NASA-approved insulation for extreme weather, solid bamboo floors, big, airy windows and tall ceilings, the portable Martin House-To-Go is built to the highest standards. Here’s a way how you can start fresh, realizing the potential of affordable living and adventurous travel.Ready to go? The new Martin House 2008 model is priced at only $33,900. Go ahead and get off the grid.


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