Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House 63.02 degrees

With a very narrow lot area of 24.58 sq. meters, Japanese architecture firm Schemata had a very compact space to deal with. Their solution was the 63.02 degrees house.

Located in a crowded residential area in Nakano, Tokyo, this small house (71.40 sq. meters) is positioned on an extremely narrow lot, which results in a very angular architecture design and a unique positioning of the house facade.
The name of the house is actually taken from the facade’s 63.02 ° inclination toward the front road.
The house faces sideways overlooking the open space between the road and the adjacent building, where a wide and deep view is acquired. Huge windows were placed on the inclined facade in order to increase the spatial feeling of the interior as well as maximize the views of the neighbor’s blossoming cherry tree and the cityscape.


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